Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween 2013

The night to find an excuse to dress up as your greatest fantasy.... not. Following last year's successful transformation into a dead pirate girl, I decided that I was way to lazy (and... ahem, old) to dress up in full this year. A simple cat will do! And that's what I went in! But after reaching Zouk, I kinda regretted dressing so simply..... Many people were amazing that night! A gang of 5 ironman(s), despicable me minions, vampires, alice in wonderland etc..

But the best part? How I finally felt high after my flaming lambo and then had to go home immediately because I had tuition at 10am the next day.

Full pictures ahead! And sorry for the quality, I mean, come on it was night and we only had camera phones. And ph didn't plan to go dressed as a photographer, so.... no DSLR.

With the fairy sisters: Yin Mei & Stacy! #fairysistersandarandomcat
Jey who was 2 hours late, despite being the organiser #fail
Jey: Damn I think I can pull off a cute kitty better than Angie!
Had to retake a photo with Jey because HE FINALLY GOT HIS VAMPIRE CAPE UP CORRECTLY! (refer to previous pictures to see how flat the collar was)
with sexy pirate Jia!
Caderas <3 (p.s. love the Starbucks dress up)
Tina, the nicest undead because she had to try NOT to smile

Photos from others!


Go dress up and have fun while you're still young (and still can!)

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