Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Going cray cray


The past two weeks had been absolutely cray cray. Way too many tutorials and assignments due and I've been studying until late, like 2a.m. every night. I can't wait until Thursday comes and I can drop everything and just relax. Thursday is like the new Friday now, since the last lesson of the week is always on a Thursday. 

Anyway, here's me looking fried in KL. And omg my complexion. My skin hadn't adjusted back to the hot and humid weather in this part of the world, since my KL trip was 2 days after I had returned from Aussie. And yes, I look rounder because, you know, all the weight gain in Aussie which didn't stop in KL since we were eating non stop still. 

I'm looking forward to posting more awesome posts as all of a sudden, ph became super hardworking and uploaded months of pictures at a go, right at the time when I was drowning in work.  

Oh and if anyone's looking for recommendations for restaurant week happening this week, FORLINO is a MUST GO. I was blown away when I went for dinner on Monday. So anyway, time for me to get my ass back into work and I'll see you guys for a new post on Friday! :D

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