Sunday, September 15, 2013

Summer Diaries 2013: Bangkok ส่วนที่ 2

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Places Visited: [For Shopping] Platinum Mall, Siam Paragon 
Thailand river cruise + dinner

The ever gracious Erng and her mother brought us onboard a night river cruise along the river which includes a sumptuous dinner. The view of Thailand at night is nothing short of amazing when the buildings all light up against the dark night sky. The feeling of the wind in your hair while you take in the sights around you, together with awesome company gives a great ending to the night. Because the whole cruise was about 1.5hours to 2 hours long (I think), we decided to play around with ph's camera and created 'ghostly' pictures of us. It was pretty fun hopping from spot to spot to get that perfect 'ghost' picture. I really got to thank Erng and her mum for providing us with this amazing experience and paying for it all. My friends and I are eternally grateful for your hospitality. 

Oh and yes, I got to meet Ironman and his gang at Siam Paragon. Was intending to take a picture with the suits until we caught them taking off their masks for a rest........ and it was anti-climatic. I mean having seen Robert Downing Jr as Ironman for years, it kinda spoils the whole thing to see anyone else under those suits. 

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