Thursday, September 12, 2013

Summer Diaries 2013: Bangkok ส่วนที่ 1

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Places Visited : Chatuchak Weekend Market; Shisha at one of the restaurants in Sukhumvit Thong Lor

Bangkok marks the start of my epic graduation trip and this time, with my lovely Caderas babes, Stacy & Melissa. Ph came along too since he was part of Caderas batch and he has serious business in Bangkok. Along the way, we got to meet 2 of Stacy's friends who were at Bangkok too and the 5 of us ended up travelling together occasionally. Most importantly, I returned my promise to my amazing Thai friend, Erng, that I would return to Bangkok. I met Erng during my ALSA Law Conference in Seoul last year and boy did we hit it off right away. Erng and her bestie, Nao, made our Bangkok trip an amazing one. Just when I've thought I've visited all the worthy places in Bangkok since this is like my gazillionth time there, Erng & Nao proved me wrong and showed that nothing truly beats the local experience! Blowing shisha bubbles for example, is something I've never done! And I really suck at it :( I doubt they have that in Singapore right?

Stay tuned for more photo diaries on my Bangkok trip plus dedicated food posts of where to eat in Bangkok!

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