Saturday, September 7, 2013

Summer Diaries 2012: Seoul, Korea: The Last

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Places Visited (in order) : 
Bukchon Hanok Village; 
Yeouido Park (Getting There: Exit 3, Yeouido subway station, line 5. Walk straight for 5 minutes);
Cheonggyecheon River

Seoul was memorable because it was my first time I used a washing machine and washed my own clothes. 
Okay no, let's do that again. Seoul was memorable because it was not only my very first non-family trip and a long one too for that matter, but more importantly, because it just simply is an amazing country to visit. I absolutely love Korean food and no one can argue that Korea is where you can find the best, which really is heavenly. The people there were amazingly nice and courteous, but what impressed me most is how EVERY SINGLE PUBLIC TOILET IS SPARKLING CLEAN. How is that possible?! I feel so ashamed because it just shows how inconsiderate Singaporeans are. Another great part about Korea is the beautiful mix of cultural and modern influences everywhere you go, from buildings to food, everything is refreshing and exciting to experience! And let's not forget the shopping- it really is an understatement to say that it's a cosmetic haven. Not only are the stuff 2.5 time LESSER than priced in Singapore, you see the same few big brands EVERYWHERE. So really, Seoul is just simply amazing and boy am I itching to go back again. But I'm holding my money back for more new places to come! 

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