Saturday, September 28, 2013

Summer Beach

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Whenever summer holidays end, I always complain about how I have not played and enjoyed myself enough. And the lucky thing for me was that I could always look forward to doing more the next summer. But alas, this year was my very last 4-month long summer holidays. Looking back, of course I regretted not enjoying myself enough. It always happens, even if this year was the year I traveled the most, I felt like I hadn't spent enough time just lazing around one of my favourite places on Earth- clean and beautiful beaches.

This series of photos were taken at a KPMG beach event and ph invited me along for the party at Wavehouse. It was my first time trying out surfing and holy moly! Saying that I suck is an understatement. I refused to try it standing up because I was so paranoid of injuring myself after hearing my friend's horror story of how one of his friends actually fell and injure his head and had blood flowing out. And of course, I was paranoid about not being able to survive in the man-made crashing waves if I fall because I can't swim. I'm glad I got over my fears (mainly because, call me a cheapo, but I don't wanna pay $40 to try it out when I can do it for free) and bravely took a few turns because it was pretty fun, except that I fall each time, gulping down lots of water and had my ears blocked.

I really like how KPMG is full of fun events. And I especially like it that they always have free flow of booze to boot-- wine, hard liquor, beer, everything. That's one hell of a cool firm.

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