Monday, September 2, 2013

Seoul, Korea Highlights: World Cup Stadium

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Giving my all-important manager pose
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and ph fits right in with the Korean team with his small eyes

Getting There: Take the metro and alight at World Cup Stadium Station

Okay this post is obviously for the boys as I doubt many girls watch soccer. So if you ever head over to Seoul and are a fan of the World Cup, you obviously got to visit Seoul's World Cup Stadium. Needless to say, it's huge and has an interesting museum. Be prepared for Korea's soccer team overload though as every corner of the museum is plastered with faces of the stars. Oh and they have this really cool 2000 Won photo taking thing where you can take a photo of yourself with the 2002 Korean World Cup team! Your face will be photoshopped onto the Korean jersey and any long hair will be cut off so you look exactly like one of the boys!

I'll be honest, the only Korean soccer player I know is Park Ji Sung. That's because I watch mainly EPL and my favourite team is Manchester United. Plus when it comes to World Cup, my favourites are always Spain, Germany and secretly, England. (Because you know, England has been disappointing and I'm kinda embarrassed by them.)

Anyway, the stadium was an eye opener for me because Singapore's stadiums are pathetic. The one in Seoul is so much bigger, nicer, modern and uh... greener?? But according to ph, who had the fortune to visit Barcelona's stadium, he said the World Cup Stadium in Seoul is pretty similar. :( Well thanks for bursting my bubble :( But who cares about Barcelona because I'm a Man Utd fan and I'll only hate on those people who have had the fortune to visit Old Trafford.

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