Sunday, September 22, 2013

"I" + Giveaway [Closed]

Low Kay Hua is no stranger to Singaporeans. A local novelist with 11 titles under his belt currently, with some in bookstores and national newspaper bestsellers lists, he is undoubtly one of the notable writers in Singapore. 

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I was delighted when I was given a copy of his latest novel, "I", to read. I've been reading so much law texts so a novel set in Singapore is a welcome change any day! Once again, Low Kay Hua has delivered a captivating piece of writing which keeps you wanting more.  Here are my thoughts on "I" (without giving away the story of course): 

 If there were no consequences for your actions, would you kill the person you hate? 
The book, "I", is filled with many twists and turns. A psychological thriller set in futuristic Singapore (which has the current MRT systems in place), the book connects easily with most Singaporeans. The opening chapter serves to draw you in by some provocative thoughts containing the main ideological backbone of the book -- ego and philosophy. Philosophy might sound like a scary word, but rest assure because the story exemplifies the various philosophies behind it gradually and it is definitely manageable even for a teenage crowd.
The book is broken down into chapters, each of which takes the point of view of one of the main characters in the story. This switches back and forth between the characters, putting the reader in the shoes of the main characters as the story plays out.
The style of writing enables the readers to feel and connect with the thoughts of the various characters. Going through the whole book makes the readers feel as if they have stepped into the life of not just one, but multiple characters, all of them having different and colourful characters.
"I" ultimately is an enjoyable read and the length of the book is just right even for those who find themselves frightened by thick books :)

Now Low Kay Hua has kindly given me 2 copies of his latest novel, "I" to giveaway to my readers! Want to get your hands this amazing novel? Simply follow the steps below: 

1. Share the link: on either Facebook or Twitter.

2. Take a picture or screenshot of your 'share'.

3. Email to with the picture/screenshot, name, and email address.

Winners will be chosen at random and notified via email. The giveaway will end on 6 Oct 2013 !
Winners have been picked! Congratulations to Emily Lim and Christianne Mok! An email has been sent to the both of you regarding the prize! 

"I" has also been nominated for POPULAR Readers' Choice Awards 2013! Vote and stand a chance to win $50 POPULAR vouchers and a one-year POPULAR membership! The URL to vote is at or you can vote in any POPULAR outlet!


  1. can you photocopy the book and post it online

    1. Hi! I'm afraid not due to copyright issues! You can take part in the giveaway or purchase the book/e-book if you would like to read the story! :)


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