Monday, August 12, 2013

Victoria's Secret Fall Collection for Work

One of the greatest woes of starting Part B is clothes. We need to wear office wear to lessons so I am desperately in need of new work clothes. Then, I chanced upon the new Fall workwear collection by Victoria's Secret on their Facebook page and I thought I should share with you guys the fabulous outfits created by the amazing lingerie giant. And kudos for being able to create more than just comfortable lingerie, which is an amazing feat by itself. I hate Pierre Cardin bras, their freaking painful I have no idea what type of metal they use for their underwire. Okay TMI for guys but hey if you ever need to get lingerie for someone, now you know which brand to avoid!

Anyway back to VS Fall Collection, I love how each look is apt for office wear. And I mean the REAL kind of office wear. Not bandage black skirts passed off as work skirts young women wear nowadays, or like dresses which cover just below your ass but was advertised as appropriate for work at the blogshop you bought it from. Bitchy moment here I know but I can't help but wonder whether these girls have any idea what office wear meant. Look professional guys, not slutty. Full of angst whenever I walk around Raffles Place.

Omg I'm digressing again. BACK to the VS Fall Collection I love how each look is apt for office wear and apt for my age group! Half the time I worry about whether the clothes I buy look too old or outdated. When you're young, I think it's great to try and look trendy at the very least when you're working. Looking good helps boost confidence and self happiness too.


I really love how all the pieces are simple yet sleek and feminine. Paired appropriately like the last look above, it can give off a 'powerful woman' vibe too, which I think is really important if you're in a professional job. It instills a sense of confidence in your clients too. Heels are of course essential to a working woman. Because I'm going into litigation, I'm required to wear only black covered stilettos when I go to court. So whenever I don't have to go to court, I would want to wear ANY colour but black. Besides if your outfit is a little too dull or black (like how most work dresses are black), you can always spice up your look with a beautiful pair of heels! 

Anddddddd I'm kinda looking for people to share shipping cost for VS products because I'm replacing all my bras (except Triump, which makes comfortable bras too) to VS ones. Honestly, I've never worn a bra more comfortable than my VS Pink Wear Everywhere bra. So, if anyone wants to buy anything, like work clothes shown above, or try out their bras, or buy their lotion/perfume etc,  PLEASE SHIP VS STUFF WITH ME THANKS.  

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