Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sunny Sundays

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If you follow me on Instragram, you would know that I've been having little picnics pretty often at Vivo City. The balcony area at every level of Vivo is simply a relaxing place to be at. Just buy a little food or some snacks from the supermarkets and have a great time at the balconies, chatting and enjoying the beautiful view of Sentosa and watch boats come and go at the harbor.

And did I mention that every night you get to watch a little bit of fireworks happening at the Songs of the Sea show in Sentosa, from the balconies in Vivo? Which is why normally when my friends and I visit Vivo, we would always takeaway our dinners and gather at the balconies instead. My personal favourite spot is the area directly outside King Louis Grill & Bar as there are the least amount of people and you get a great view of Sentosa.

And now I'm feeling stupid for sharing with you guys the best spot because that would mean that it'll get more crowded from now on :(

But anyways, Part B course comes with TOO MUCH WORK. Everytime I finished work for modules of the week, I need to continue on to next week's! And when the last lesson of the week ends, it's a mad rush to complete work for next week's lessons. Whoever said Part B was slack is the biggest liar on Earth. I wish I had some time to idle around and picnic at Vivo's balconies again :(

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