Sunday, August 25, 2013

Stew Küche

[Food Tasting Session]

Last weekend, I was invited by the lovely people at Stew Küche to try out their huge range of dishes ranging from German, Italian and Western cuisine. I was pleasantly surprised by the idea of serving affordable German cuisine at coffee shops, which I am sure is the first of it's kind. We've seen pastas and chicken chops at coffee shops, but definitely not German pork knuckles!

Küche is German for kitchen and for a place to be named Stew Kitchen, you'd bet that stews are one of their signature dishes!

Beef Goulash- $15.90
(comes with choice of plain rice, mashed potatoes or plain bread)

Oxtail Stew is one of their signature dishes but sadly, they've ran out by the time I arrived. I settled for the next best thing-- Beef Goulash. The gravy tends towards the lighter side and the flavours are strong, which is a delight to dip my baguette in! The beef cubes are extremely tender and melts in your mouth. According to Chef Mani, the beef has been braised for at least four hours!

German Pork Knuckle- $25 (whole), $15 (half)
(Comes with achar, mashed potatoes and brown sauce)

Another signature dish is the Pork Knuckle. A classic among German dishes, Pork Knuckles are loved by many because of the extremely crispy skin and juicy tender meat underneath. The combination of both creates an explosion in your mouth. The one at Stew Küche has extremely crispy skin, which makes me a happy girl! Plus it costs only $25 for ONE WHOLE PORK KNUCKLE. As seen in the picture above, it's really a lot for such an affordable price! The mash potatoes are delightfully creamy. Plus, a local twist of German food here: sauerkraut has been replaced with achar vegetables which adds on a whole new unique taste.

3Some Sausages- $15

The next signature dish are the sausages. Germans love their bratwurst so no German meal is complete without them. The sausages at Stew Küche are really yummy! It comes in 3 different meat- veal, pork and chicken. All three are juicy and yummy. My friends and I love the pork one the most because it's really flavourful!

Lamb Shank- $14.90

Lastly we have the lamb shank, another great dish from Stew Küche. Braised for 4 hours as well, the lamb comes off so easily with a fork, which means that the lamb is cooked at a perfect timing.And what I like best about the lamb is that it doesn't have a strong lamb smell!!! That is a huge bonus for me because I usually get turn off by the smell! The sauce is unique too as Chef Mani added onions and peels to add that extra bit of crunchiness.

Another thing that amazes me about this place is the large range of foreign beers. With many different brands of ciders and beers, there's definitely a drink for everyone.

And remember, if you aren't a fan of German cuisine, the stall serves Italian and Western too. Such diverse range of cuisine, you would think that there are 3 different chefs there. But no, there is only one chef and that's Chef Mani. He has been cooking for at least 20 years!

Chef Mani started off his cooking journey learning under a Swiss-German chef in a restaurant. To date, he has mastered tons of cuisine including Japanese, Korean, Malay, German, Italian and Western. With many years of experience under his belt, Chef Mani has grown from simply learning to creating his own flavour and dishes, tweaking what he learnt to create his own. This can be evidently seen in his lamb shank. He has learnt and worked in many different restaurants until finally he came to Stew Küche. Stew Küche was a completely new place at that time and he had to start everything from scratch. Which is really remarkable, seeing how the place has so many customers after just a short one year. The secret to such success? "The key is to cook from the heart," said a smiling Chef Mani.

With the talented Chef Mani!

Chef Mani's favourite cuisine is Italian, which he has learnt for ten years, and his favourite dish is the simple yet powerful Aglio Olio. So do try out some pastas when you're there as well!

Stew Küche
Address: Blk 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-40, 151119
Phone: 6276 6445
Opens till 12midnight on weekends


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