Friday, August 23, 2013

Seoul, Korea Highlights: Lotte World

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Who in this world has not heard of the famous Lotte World in Seoul? Before Everland existed, Lotte World was the 'in' theme park to visit. It was featured in many popular Korean dramas and became the must-visit spot in Seoul. Not that its popularity has died out right now, since we had to queue for almost an hour for each ride :/

We wanted to visit both theme parks actually but due to limited time and the distance to the different theme parks, we decided to settle on the cheaper and nearer Lotte World. The journey via the metro took us approximately 45mins. If you are a theme park junkie and would love to play at a water theme park as well, then visit Everland instead.

The rides at Lotte World are not scary by ph's definition. But being a scaredy cat, I opted out of pretty much all the thrilling rides. It's a waste of money to bring me to a theme park honestly. The most I dared to sit was the ride that swings from left to right while rotating 360 degrees (see picture). And of course my favourite pirate ship :) And I love how the Koreans go all out and have fun with the cute head gears! Ph and I got ourselves cat ears and walked around the theme park with them, even out to dinner and home!

Lotte World is connected to a little mall and the famous ice skating ring where many Korean dramas like Stairway to Heaven filmed at. Head over to Omuto Tomato for dinner because the food there was surprisingly delicious. Didn't eat at any of the restaurants in the theme park itself because they are overpriced and I doubt they're nice, as with all theme park food.

When night falls, the entire theme park is transformed into a visual theater. Performances are lined up throughout the night-- parade, live Bands and a laser show. Plus all the rides are still available and the best part is that most children would have left by then so there are lesser people to fight with!

Overall, Lotte World is a great place to have fun. I really really enjoyed it though I was exhausted by the end of the night. There's just so much to do, you'll be thoroughly entertained from morning till night! Plus there's Lotte Mart next day to shop for yummy Korean snacks too!

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