Friday, August 9, 2013

New Ubin Seafood

When my wonderful thai friend came to visit me and my friends a few months back, I was excited to bring her around various food places in Singapore. One of the must eat dishes is definitely the chili crab but Melben Seafood and Jumbo Seafood are both really expensive :( Dad then suggested a place near his company's workshop called New Ubin Seafood. The prices are reasonable and the food is decent.

Fried Rice- a typical dish Singaporeans have for zi char. Somehow the only fried rice I ever eat is the one my mum cooks. I'm really not a fan of fried rice in general, I think they taste horrible and dry.

Fried Baby Squid- my personal favorite. Dad introduced this dish to me when I was much younger. I love how they are ridiculously crispy and chewy. It's slightly sweet as well. 

Cereal Prawns- Another Singapore classic. I honestly believe it's one of the most brilliant dishes ever created. Whoever came up with this idea of putting cereal into the mix is a pure genius. I love how the cereal's crisp and sweet, giving the prawns a whole new level of taste. 

Sambal Stingray- Another favourite of mine. The one here was overcooked and rubbery. Plus it was quite expensive somehow. I remembered for a small piece is costs like $14 or something? Basically horrible. And I think it's frozen seafood too :(

Chili Crab- the one here tasted OK. Nothing much to rave about. They have promotions for their crabs all the time. Ours was buy 1 big (sri lankan?) crab and get 2 flower crabs for free. FREAKING CHEAP. We got our sri lankan crab cooked in chili. 

Black Pepper Crab- I wish it was spicier. I love my black pepper crab really spicy. But nonetheless, it tasted good and shiok when you bite into the peppercorn. And this was the flower crab which has significantly lesser meat than its sri lankan mate. 

Salted Egg Crab- also cooked with flower crab. After having tasted the one at Melben, I think I can never appreciate any other salted egg crabs in my life anymore. Melben's one was Heaven. This one was just Earth. But at least it's Earth and not anywhere lower. So it's pretty decent though I would like it slightly less dry. 

Man Tou- a must have to dip in chili crab sauce. And honestly who the hell can ever go wrong with man tous? 

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Erng, my thai friend, on the far right. My bro and dad are both clad in Man Utd's away jersey I got them from Thailand. And of course, sorry for looking horrible with zero makeup on :( 

So New Ubin Seafood is your average zi char place with cheap crabs to offer. Their standard of food is decent, not great, but decent, especially with the price you pay. I had to repeat decent twice (now thrice!) for emphasis. And decent does NOT mean not nice. It's pretty close to average but I would say slightly above average. Just thought I should define decent to avoid sending the wrong message. Occupational hazard of a law student, defining terms used and all. SIGH. 

Anyway, I've had a lot of zi char and I think the one near my place serves one of the best in Singapore (I daresay!). So the standard's pretty hard to thrash. Plus I eat there every Wednesday! But really, for the price you pay at New Ubin Seafood, it's really a great place to visit and the food's decent (fourth time now!). Also, the place was full on a weekday so please make sure you make reservations before going! My favourite out of the lot we ordered has got to be the cereal prawns, which Erng is so in love with. She plans to look up the recipe and cook it when she's back in Thailand. And please, just don't order the sambal stingray. 

New Ubin Seafood 
Address: 27 Sector A Sin Ming Industrial Estate, Na, Singapore 575680
Phone:6466 9558

P.S Please call to check the promotions for their crabs as it changes from time to time. 

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