Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Current Favorite Fashion Blogger: Cupcakes and Cashmere

Well as the title of my blog goes, I'm supposed to blog about food, travel AND FASHION. But as far as I can remember, I haven't done a single proper fashion post in 2 months, save the post on Doutzen for H&M. Honestly, I've just been really uninspired lately and overly obsessed with how round my face looks ever since I put on lots of weight in Australia. Well all of us girls have our own securities. Though I've lost all that weight, it isn't reflected a lot in my pictures. Which adds on to me not wanting to take outfit shots.

So during this whole low phase, I thought I should just return to the start of this whole fashion craze I have. Thus, Cupcakes and Cashmere is not my current favorite fashion blogger. To be more accurate, she's the VERY FIRST fashion blogger I came across in Year 1 of University and I've religiously followed her ever since.

The owner of the website, Emily, is one hell of an inspiration. I've been told many times by ph that I can't put both food and fashion in my blog because I should only focus on a theme. But I love these two equally and I can't decide on which one to let go. And Emily, who blogs about her baking/cooking and fashion outfits as well, is proof that hybrid blogs do survive and succeed too. So if Emily could do it, so can I (I hope :x).


You know how many fashion bloggers nowadays are all decked in only designer wear? And you feel like you've gotta keep up with them in order to be 'in'? Honestly, sometimes reading too much fashion blogs can be deflating because I know I can never ever afford that much luxury goods at this age. All I can do is just stare in awe at how all these famous bloggers get sponsored by brands everywhere and attend fashion shows all around the world. 

Emily, however, isn't like that. Sure she may be decked in designer wear but she does it in a more subtle way. I've read many articles on how fashion bloggers nowadays are purely showing off what they have, but Emily, thankfully isn't that 'in your face'. She dresses simply yet fashionably, occasionally adding pops of colour on her lips, in her bags or shoes. You may think, "that's because she isn't that famous". Well you're absolutely wrong at that. She's one of the most famous fashion bloggers in the world who has been invited to talk shows, fashion shows, estee lauder/lancome (can't rmb which) ambassador, has published her own fashion book and the list goes on. But she never ever boasts about them. 

So really, when I feel deflated or uninspired, Emily never fails to make me feel better or inspire me again. By showing me how simple outfits can look great even if they're not from Lanvin or LV, and that I don't have to constantly buy new clothes to 'keep up' with fashion. 

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