Sunday, August 18, 2013

I'm still alive!

Oh hi guys! It's been 4 days since my last post but if any of you are concerned (please tell me you are even if you have to lie), I'm still alive though not kicking much. Been down the past few days with the flu bug that's been going around. Plus I'm bogged down with work like ugh, why am I bogged down with work when every lawyer is telling us that Part B is supposed to be slack?! Well stop adding more stuff into our already crazy curriculum!

Anyway, I'm having a bit of a writer's block with regards to fashion posts. Been really uninspired lately and I suspect it's everything to do with work and falling ill. So before any of you decide to stop reading and abandon my blog, here's an interesting video I found!

YES IT'S ABOUT THE EXISTENCE OF MERMAIDS! I haven't watched it yet because I haven't had the time too :'( But I bet it'll end off with uncertainty over whether mermaids truly exist. But I'm a HUGE sucker for mystical stuff so I'll watch it even if I know that I'll tear my hair out over the ending. It's about 88 mins long and if you are cool like me, you'll enjoy the video too. Anyway, if you do a quick google search, you'll realize that there have been a few reports proving the existence of these creatures, though being the science student that I am, I'm skeptical about the authenticity of the evidence, (e.g. Mermaid sighting in Kiryat Yam).

Okay this post is really meant to be a gap filler while I sort our photos and find time to do up posts on fashion-related stuff (HOPEFULLY! PLEASE GO AWAY WRITER'S BLOCK) and other food places to visit! So stay tuned in the meantime for more random but extremely interesting  updates like these <3

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