Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hob Nob Cafe Bar

When ph told me that he couldn't find a post on Hob Nob on my blog, I almost died. Hob Nob is one of my favorite restaurants in town and I can't believe that I forgot to blog about it. The place is small so it can't fit a lot of people. Plus it has an open kitchen so your hair may stink if you sit too close to the kitchen. BUT WHO CARES BECAUSE THEY SERVE THE BEST TOM YUM PASTA EVER. Plus the service is great and the prices are affordable!!!!! The only downfall is their bad location- Far East Shopping Centre- which has much lesser people than Far East Plaza.
Tom Yum Seafood Pasta
This, my friends, is the heavenly tom yum seafood pasta that I often dream about. The secret to this amazing dish is definitely the sauce. Slightly creamy, sour and spicy at the same time, it's a wonder how such different tastes can blend together so well to light up your taste buds like fireworks. Honestly, I was in heaven when I ate this. Plus it comes with generous amounts of mussels and prawns. The prawns are really fresh though the mussels can be a tad bit too dry. Also I love how the pasta's loaded with onions to give this dish an extra punch of flavour. Just simply brilliant. 
Fish & Chips 
Another winner in the menu, though I feel that nothing can beat the tom yum pasta, the batter is light, tasty and crispy, and the fish is really fresh. Plus it's priced at I think $10 or less. Definitely the second choice after the pasta. 

Pork Ribs
I'll be honest and admit that I forgot how their pork ribs tasted like :/ These pictures were taken in February but I forgot to blog about it :( If you were wondering how I remembered the taste of the above two, it's because they are so damn good and I've had them before. Pork ribs? February was the first time. And it wasn't even my dish. Ph ordered it, so maybe I could ask him how they tasted. But as far as I can recall, I remember thinking that this dish was decent but not as spectacular as it's tom yum pasta friend. 

(Egg Rolls stuffed with?)
Again, my memory has failed me. I forgot what this dish is called, but you can find it under appetizers. And you can show this picture to the waitress if you wanna try them. Whatever this is called, it's really delicious. Quite a big portion for I think $6 or something. Plus the meat is fresh and judging by the time it took before it was served to us, we guessed that they made the rolls only when we ordered. The skin is really crispy and thin and the meat's fresh and juicy. The thai chili sauce is the perfect complement to an otherwise potentially too meaty dish. 

I really really love Hob Nob and I would be very sad to see it close just because it's at a bad location. But hey it's only Far East Shopping Centre it's still in town!!!!!! So get yourself down and give it your support okay? I promise you that you will fall in love with the tom yum pasta/ fish & chips! 

  • Hob Nob Cafe Bar
    545 Orchard Road, Far East Shopping Centre
    Singapore 238882
    Unit 03-18/19 
    Tel: 6734 0474

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