Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Law Graduation Night 2013: Qualified

I never ever thought that starting Part B would keep me this busy! If I'm not busy studying, I'm busy catching up on rest or meeting up with friends whom I haven't met in a while, and planning graduation photo shoots. I know I'm practically blogging only once a week, or twice judging from last week. I'm really really sorry guys! Didn't think Part B would suck up so much time and energy :(

So it's been an eventful month. Law graduation night just past on Monday, ph and I celebrated three years of being together on Tuesday and it'll be my Commencement, i.e. graduation ceremony, this Thursday at Resorts World. Would love the graduation bear pretty please! It's $60 and I've busted $30 getting a law school bear already. Any kind souls this time? :):):) I'll shower you with hugs in return.

I'm cursed with over-reliance on ph because I usually have him to take pictures for me with his awesome dslr. So on law graduation night, an event which he cannot attend obviously, I was faced with a battery drained digital camera and a fully charged handphone. No prizes on guessing which device I used to take photos that night.

Law graduation night was held at 7 Adams, which is NUSS alumni's place?! Firstly, we aren't NUS law school so why hold the party near Botanic Gardens? Secondly, SMU law using a NUS location. Uhhhh..... So besides that and the fact that we paid around $80 for crappy food and endless alcohol, the night was really great because the company was brilliant.

The theme, by the way is vintage casual, which explains my dress, in case you're wondering why I went there in such a costume. Just thought I should justify my inordinary dress in case I was being judged.

No idea why these 2 wore their traditional costumes. 

Clarence looking decent for once. Or twice since the first time he looked nice was probably when I was picking out clothes for him. 

Welcome back from exchange Hao Ren! Why you never become fatter one :( 

With my favourite girls: Tina and Liesel

Sarah is all retro!

And my favourite guy in law school: Vinay! Thanks for always being such a great friend!

Amira: She has the longest hair in law school. 

With my very first law friend: I'm so glad to have met you when we were doing Starring! Thanks for being such a kind and considerate friend :)

<3 for always chopping me into Zouk. Hahahaha!

My other two favourite girls: Audrey and Amelia. The second batch of people I knew from law school. 

Many hugs to Audrey who was my second friend in law school. We stayed close even after law camp and I'm so so glad to have been friends with her. 

And here is 1/2 of my law camp group! Many thanks for the fun camp days guys!

And here is Jia En whom I will be seeing very very often next year! My future colleague at Colin Ng & Partners! Here's to many good months ahead! 

With the very pretty Yan Wen who is practically a super model with her face appearing in blogshops and all. Plus she was one of the two winners who won the Laneige contest. An ambassador for them now I think?

Many more photos up on Facebook but I can't put all of them here or this post would be never ending. So I thought I should post mostly of those photos with my dearest law school friends. All of you made law school special, fun and memorable. Without any of you, law school would never be the same to me. So thank you and I'm really glad to have been friends with you guys :) Love always <3 

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