Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Graduation Ceremony 2013

The night before graduation, I was filled with excitement and I couldn't sleep properly. This resulted in layers after layers of concealer used on my dark eye circles on graduation day, 6.30am. Yes, my graduation was 9am at Resorts World Sentosa. We had to be there by 845am latest plus daddy wanted us to have breakfast outside. So after we dropped my brother off at Catholic High, who was by the way feeling a little sad for not being able to attend my graduation, we joined the long traffic queue at at CTE.

As usual, I decided not to bring my digital camera which is still out of battery, because ph was supposed to come take photos for me after my graduation ceremony ended. I kinda regretted that decision though because once the graduation ceremony ended, many of us parted ways to head off with our parents and we were all so so tired. So in the end ph couldn't take much photos of me and my friends :'(

Pictures are thus taken with an S3 and I'm going to interject some better quality photos I took from my friends' albums. 

20130725-140759-DSC_9006 20130725-140958-DSC_9009 20130725-141439-DSC_9014-Edit 20130725-141506-DSC_9015

Purple hood for law school! Didn't understand why would the school choose purple because it's so dark, it merges into the robe! And I realised the school never cue us to throw our motar boards! (!!!!!!!!) Feeling cheated because I thought we were supposed to throw them at graduation ceremony :( 

So anyway, this is it! The end of my studying life (for now, unless I wanna take up Masters)! Just did a calculation with my dad and boy, I've spent 16.5 years studying (0.5 for this Part B course). That's the life of every Singaporean kid too I bet. But I never thought that time would just fly by this quickly. I had already started regretting not playing enough during my student life and I really miss being a student again. Those carefree days are almost at an end. No more long summer holidays, no more slacking whenever I want to, no more student concession and no more long nights partying, or simply internet surfing. So for all those out there who are still studying, trust me, enjoy every moment you have as a student because working life is so much more demanding. You can't get away with making mistakes anymore.


And at the end of it all, I have two people I have to thank for all these wonderful years of being a student and a law student for that. Dear mum and dad, thank you so so so much for providing me with such a life. My parents are not exactly well educated, so I was really happy that for their hard work in supporting me, I could at least make them proud by being the first graduate of the family.  

To my dad, thank you for slogging out at work to provide me with whatever I ask for. We aren't the richest people in the world, middle income at best, and you still gave me anything I've wanted. From mobile phones to paying for my mobile bills and giving me allowances, I could lead a rather comfortable life without having to worry about money all the time. 

To my mum, thank you for being the ever thrifty person in the family. Dad and I have similar spending habits but you were wise to be the one saving up for rainy days. When life wasn't easy, you were the one who took out your savings to provide for my tuition fees. They were not cheap but you stuck to it because you wanted me to do well in school. I was never a bright student to be honest. From CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity --> Nan Chiau High School --> Nanyang JC --> SMU Law School. I was never the top students in any of my schools. There have been many times where I failed my exams, i.e. Maths & Physics, both of which I still hate. But my mum, wanting a great education for me, insisted that I went for tuition. So I've never been a genius and thus my credentials are all thanks to my mum.

20130725-142523-DSC_9025 20130725-142106-DSC_9018

Oh and yes, a big thank you to my parents who bought me this law school bear which cost them $63. I love it so, so much.  

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