Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A short update..

Hey guys! I know I've been missing in action for many days now and I'm truly sorry for that! It's just that in the one month I was away in Aussie and K.L, picture editing and uploading were put on hold, and now that I'm trying to upload more photos of Korea onto Flickr, it decided to crash on me :( And because I was away for a month, I haven't been able to explore more local food  during that time so food posts are kinda on a standstill too.

However, I've been working hard on the travel diaries. As ph would have you know, editing and uploading takes LOADS of time so we get really happy and proud to see our travel photos finally up on this blog. When we take photos overseas, we think a lot about what we wanna show on this blog and what would mesmerize people. Well, my face would be a start. (...) Ha. ha. *awkward silence*

But all jokes aside I really hope you guys have been enjoying and admiring the beautiful photos of Korea I've been posting recently. It's such a beautiful country I would love to go back in winter to ski!

So... what have I been up to this summer holidays?

Watching tons of movies that's for sure. Monster's university (amazing x3), Man of Steel (superman is so freaking hot and handsome), Now you see me (love the twist at the end), World War Z ( I feel like I'm playing L4D), Hangover III (heartwarming actually and less wild).  And gosh this summer has got to be the best because there's so much more amazing movies to come! I want to watch The Heat, Despicable Me 2, Pacfic Rim, White House Down and The Internship.

So besides watching movies, I've been truly trying to enjoy the last summer holidays in my life since I've graduated and would be working my ass off this time next year. I've been sleeping in till the afternoon, watching series (Hannibal is so freaking sexy, I have something for guys in 3-piece suits), spending time with friends since everyone's gonna be leading a freaking busy work life soon, partying on some nights, going on holidays, catching up on comics, and not reading law textbooks (YESSSSSS!!).

But that said, Part B course starts next week :( So I have to return to studying for the most important exam of my life.

And here are some pictures to sum up what I've been doing!

L: meeting up with caderas friends, pictured with Stacy, one of the most pretty girls I know. And I turned a shade darker after Aussie and KL. 
R: Fighting the haze with temporary surgical mask when N95 went out of stock, Pictured with the BFF here. Love her to bits. 

L: Okay, I actually gained 5kg from my Aussie & K.L trip. Wtf I almost died from the repercussions. So I went for a 2 day apple detox, 3 day 1meal+smoothie diet and kinda lost that 5kg already. And then I proceeded to eat only 1 carbo meal + 1 non-carbo meal.
R: TCC is having 1-for-1 for their pastas and mains again!!! ONLY for TCC members though. Non members get to enjoy 50% off a second dish. Pictured is their new chicken main with a Japanese like name. DELICIOUS. 

L: That's me. HA. Okay anyway I've been spotting red lips pretty much these few weeks. No idea why too. Just an urge I guess? 
R: ALCOHOL <3 On a hot sunny sucky day, the best thing to do to get by such a day is to just indulge in alcohol. Pictured is a jug of soursop margarita at only $22 at Cafe Iguana. A happy hour special from 12-3pm on weekends. 

With my lovely ladies @stacyng @melissaloiskoh for lunch ♥ looking forward to brunch!
L: Taken just tonight, dinner with ph at Vivo City's balcony with wine, sushi and fried chicken. All this and enjoying the beautiful night view of Sentosa.
R:  Another meetup with my caderas friends, only this time with my close lady friends. Pictured with the pretty Stacy again and the equally pretty Melissa. OMG I tell you freaking jealous of both of their PERFECT complexion. Radiant fair skin while I just look dark and colour-less. 

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