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Winter Diaries 2012: Guangzhou City, Ending Thoughts

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Day 5

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Food: Steamboat and Dim Sum from the restaurants in Landmark Canton Hotel

After our escapade to Lianhua Mountain, we trained back to our hotel and settled down for some warm steamboat. It's ala-carte and the price came up to about $50 for 5 people. Honestly I'm not used to non buffet for steamboat because that's the norm back home. Plus we didn't order much. Probably 5 different dishes only? It's an average of SGD 8 per dish so I felt that's really pricey. If it wasn't because we're all really tired and wanted to go back up to the hotel to rest immediately after dinner, I wouldn't recommend this place because of the price. However if you have the cash to spare then by all means go ahead because I think that steamboat is not common to find in Guangzhou. In fact this was the only steamboat place I saw in my 5 days there. 

I read reviews that the dim sum in our hotel was pretty good. So we did that for our last day. In my opinion they tasted much like what I already had for the past 4 days. Because we only went to the recommended ones so they're all of the same standard. But it's slightly pricier here because of it's location in a hotel. Oh and a random shot of my new shorts I bought from Guangzhou hahaha. 

Final Thoughts:
Honestly, it wasn't a pleasant experience. I think we're all pretty big on service expectations so we had a huge culture shock when we were there. Everyone's so rude, unless you go to an expensive restaurant. Even people on the streets are.. rude. It's fine if you don't want to answer my questions on directions but please don't give me a 'wth' face. I've never been overseas and fought with the locals before, but in Guangzhou, we almost got into an argument TWICE. These people do not hesitate to show you their displeasure and would never hold their tongue. Fine with us because we won't play nice either when push comes to shove. 

A day in Guangzhou and I knew I had to numb myself if not I would not enjoy this trip at all. So I seriously dropped all expectations and adapted myself to the rude culture there. Everytime something rude crops up, I take it as the norm and move on with life. It's a little harder for the older generation like my mum, to do that because they're big on respect and all. But of course I never stopped being polite whenever I speak to any of the locals. I end my sentences with thank-yous and thankfully there are some who actually smile upon such mannerism. They actually treat you with equal politeness.

The pleasant parts of the journey are probably the amazing weather, scenery and cheap food and clothes. People rave about the food in Guangzhou especially the dim sum. Well honestly most of the food are too oily. As for dim sum, I've really had equally good ones in Singapore so I'm not all crazy over them. I think Singapore has reached the stage where much of the international food here are pretty much authentic or as good as back in its original country. Really thankful for the standard of food in Singapore and really, Singaporeans are really fortunate to have such a country with an amazing diversity of food. 

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