Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Diaries 2012: Seoul, Korea Highlights : Cafe Katsuda (Cat Cafe)

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Cafe Katsuda (Cat Cafe) at Hongdae

How's everyone doing??? I bet everyone's dying from the haze right now, the worst I've ever experienced in my 21 years living in Singapore. 300+ according to the PSI reading!?! Having just returned from Aussie, experiencing this haze makes me want to run away from Singapore and returning to Aussie again. Korea is a great place too, minus the crazy summer heat they're having right now. How great it is though to laze inside Cafe Katsuda with these beautiful furry cats instead of breathing in smelly air. The cats are very clean and very furry-- perfect for stroking. Note that the entrance fee comes with a free drink so it's not that expensive to enter. I swear these cats are just the cutest ever, enough to make me, a dog person, want to buy a cat afterwards. Trying to capture their attention is a little bit of a challenge though. Even the catnip provided isn't that interesting a toy. Seems like the rubber band on my arm provided more of a distraction for these self-absorbed cats. Nonetheless, once you've gotten their attention, you'll be blown away by how amazingly cute they are when playing with you. 

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