Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Diaries 2012: Seoul, Korea, Part 3

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Places Visited: Dongdaemun 

As the days become lazier, so did my dressing. Too lazy to put on contacts, I marched out in spectacles and a makeup-less face. But hey, that was extremely comfortable. 

I love how Seoul is full of little rivers that run through the city, like the one found in Dongdaemun. I think it's just one huge river, but it runs through many areas including Dongdaemun and City Hall (the latter would be shown in later posts).  It's really a great way to relax and a great place to chill with your friends and forgetting, for a while, that you're living in a full fledged city and not a little village. Dongdaemun is of course shopper's paradise as they open all the way till wee hours in the morning. That said, it means the shops there do not open early. I think they begin operations in the evening. 6pm would be your best bet. But alas, Korean fashion is not exactly my style so I finished ALL the shopping centres there in about 2 hours. 

I love how the country is so culturally rich. Ancient buildings co-exist peacefully with modern influences. Like the picture showing the palace in Dongdaemun which is located casually along busy roads full of cars. The palace is beautiful and the fact that it lies pretty much scattered around the city undisturbed brings much joy, knowing that the Koreans love their history and culture and how lucky we are to be able to experience the ancient among the modern city. 

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