Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Diaries 2012: Seoul, Korea, Part 2

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[Pouted because I had to wear an apron to eat :( ] 

Places Visited: Ewha- Sinchon area; Ewha Woman's University 

I'm extremely thankful that I got the chance to take part in ALSA Korea because I made friends from different countries. Pictured with me are my newly made Korean friends from that ALSA trip. ALSA happened in Jeju Island, while Seoul and Busan were the extended parts of my Korea trip. So my friends who live in Seoul and Busan met up with ph and I for lunch and the girls gave us a tour of the gigantic beautiful Ewha Woman's University. According to the girls, they had to cycle to get from one end of their school to the other. We spent some time shopping around the Ewha-Sichon shopping area this time where the shops are dominated by clothes, accessories and shoes. Korean fashion isn't my kind of thing, so I didn't get myself much clothes except for a couple of tank tops and skater skirts. Korean snacks on the other hand, are too cute and yummy to resist. 

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