Monday, May 27, 2013

Winter Diaries 2012: Guangzhou Lianhua Mountain, Day 4

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Places Visited: Guangzhou Panyu Lianhua Mountain (Lianhuashan Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou 511400) --> note entrance fee 30 RMB thereabout
Food: Egg Tarts from Bee Farm at Lianhua Mountain 

Twelve miles from Guangzhou City Lianhua Mountain is about 1.5 hours away by train followed by a short distance by bus or taxi once you reach lianhuashan town. It's actually pretty convenient and there's quite a lot of information online on how to get there from Guangzhou City. So prepare yourself for a short day trip! 

Linhua Mountain overlooks the Pearl River. And the scenery is amazing. In ancient times, Lianhua Mountain was a huge quarry. Though most of them had disappeared, there are still man-made sites which combined with the natural quarry makes this place full of breathtaking scenery. The main attractions are: the tallest guanyin statue, the eagle cliffs, the lion rock and the pagoda. Personally, I loved the wishing tree much more. Because it's my first time seeing one and seeing all those red ribbons really made the tree appear amazingly unreal and beautiful. The maze was quite a lot of fun as well, watching my brother take it on. But he's taller than the walls so..... it ain't much of a challenge. Lastly, the egg tarts are special because they're baked in honey! You've got to try them if you're there!

Lianhua Mountain is really a place to enjoy breathtaking scenery and it's freaking huge so wear some comfy shoes and bring water to hydrate yourself! 

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