Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Winter Diaries 2012: Guangzhou City, Day 3 Dinner

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Food: Hongxing Seafood Restaurant (No.2 Qiaoguang Road, alight at Haizhu Station)

We stumbled upon this multi-story restaurant while exploring the area around our hotel. You'll be greeted by rows of live seafood right at the entrance. You can pick and choose any kind of seafood and have them cooked in one of the styles available in the menu. We had crabs and mantis (? I think that's what they're called?) for our choice of seafood. The crabs were satisfying but I had no idea why we chose mantis. It was my dad's idea and it was pretty meat-less. So choose prawns instead! The tofu was super good and silky. Fried rice was really fragrant and that poor little pigeon tasted like tougher duck meat. But pigeons are one of the meats to try in Guangzhou, so as tourists, give them a go. My favourite however has got to be the durian pastry. See those caterpillar looking things? I can never forget the taste of that delicious pastry. The 'skin' was super crispy and breaks instantly when bitten, revealing thick durian paste which oozes and fills up the entire mouth. Mmmhhhh... We tried another interesting dessert-- orange egg pudding. Interesting-- it tastes just like egg pudding with orange juice. A little weird I would say. 

And of course, this meal is the other bomb we spent besides Guangzhou Restaurant on Day 2. This meal cost us about SGD100 as well. But with that said, good food and great service, the latter which is so damn rare in Guangzhou, is well spent. 

On a side note, 2 more days to 2.5 weeks in Aussie!!!! I absolutely can't wait for my grad trip!! <3

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