Friday, May 17, 2013

Winter Diaries 2012: Guangzhou City, Day 3 Part 2

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Places Visited (Sight-seeing): Yuexiu Park (Guangzhou's biggest park)
Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall 

So we traveled to Yuexiu Park just to catch a glimpse and take photos with the iconic goat statue. It has been said that you can't leave Guangzhou without taking a photo with it. So like true blue tourists, we braced the ache from our legs and marched towards Guangzhou's biggest park. True to its description, we were almost half dead after climbing our first slight of steps up the slope, near the entrance. Deciding against walking to the goat statue, since there are no portable maps provided either and we foresaw ourselves getting lost, we decided to purchase tickets for a tram ride which would bring us past all the iconic statues in the park. I highly recommend the tram ride if there are only a few attractions you want to visit, if you're half dead from walking or if you do not have the whole day to spare at this enormous park. 

So we got off at the goat statue and snapped some quick photos, got back on the tram, returned to the entrance and fled towards Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. The Hall closes at 6pm I think and we finished the park (or rather, the goat statue only) at 5pm. Thankfully, the Hall is just one (or is it two?) train stations away. 

Paid 10 yuan for entrance per person and happily explored the place. We're all secretly huge fans of Sun Yat-Sen and did you know he actually stayed in Singapore for a period of time? I think his house in Singapore is currently preserved as an icon or something. Anyway back to the Hall, gosh the entire place was BEAUTIFUL. I could imagine myself living in a house like this with such a freaking huge garden. And of course, completed with a statue of me. HA. But really I love all things historical so I was glad I visited this place. BUT if you don't give two hoots about Chinese history or Sun Yat-Sen, then give this place a miss, though I would say paying 10 yuan just for the beautiful garden is well worth the money! 

Spot the picture showing all the icons of Guangzhou? I'm glad we covered all of them (except the red building no idea what that is) during out short 5 days here! Feeling really proud of myself actually since I did all the research for this trip. My family just happily tagged along while I had to figure out directions to all these places :( 

Dinner for this day coming right up!

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