Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Winter Diaries 2012: Guangzhou City, Day 3 Part 1

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Places Visited: Chen Clan Academy; Shamian Island
Food: Dim Sum at Chau Kee (26 Zhoumen Jie, off Zhongshan 8 Lu,15 mins walk from Chen Chan Academy Station- Directions: get off at the Chen Clan Academy station. You will walk past the Chen Clan Academy on your right. Keep walking straight, cross the road at the intersection, walk another 100 metres until you see Zhoumen Jie on your right.)
Chinese Tea Snacks bought from a stall near Chau Kee
Pineapple, Chinese crepe/burrito from roadside stalls

Gotta split day 3 into two posts because we did quite a lot of sightseeing that day so there's tons of pictures. If you're wondering by now after reading 3 posts on Guangzhou why the usually camwhore-ish me is not in most photos, it's because I'm taking them. Plus I like to be as comfortable as possible during holidays so I would leave the hotel in spectacles and zero makeup. 

Anyway, we didn't enter Chen Clan Academy because of entrance fee which we felt wasn't worth the time and money. We took a few photos and headed straight for brunch at Chau Kee. By the way, you'll pass by a soccer accessories shop along the way and we scored some cheap realistic looking man utd jerseys. Back to Chau Kee, the place is supposed to be the best dim sum as recommended by locals. Without a doubt, it's freaking popular alright it's super full and we had to share tables. Food wise was pretty decent and really cheap too! 

Headed off to Shamian Island, another tourist location. It was apparently loaned out to the British during the war and thus it's extremely colonial and different from the rest of Guangzhou. Wasn't really marveled by the colonial buildings because we have some in Singapore too. 

And to be honest, the dim sum standard in Guangzhou is supposed to be amazing BUT I can find similarly good ones in Singapore. I even have one of the best, Victor's Kitchen, just next to my school. So I guess if you've never had good dim sum in your life, you'll be blown away by every dim sum meal at the places I ate at in Guangzhou. For me, I was just happy that I can eat equally good dim sum at 1/4 of the price. But then their service suck so.... I guess you do pay more for service, i.e. eat dim sum in Singapore at x4 the price. 

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