Friday, May 10, 2013

Winter Diaries 2012: Guangzhou City, Day 2

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Places Visited: Dishifu Lu, Shangxiaji Lu (shopping places)
Pearl River (sightseeing)
Food: Guangzhou Restaurant, Wenchang Branch (No. 2, Wenchang South Rd, Liwan, Transit: Changshou Lu) --> Expensive but good for food & service
Datong Resturant (No.63, Yanjiang Road (West), Liwan District) --> Bad service but decent food and prices

I've just spent 2 hours editing another batch of Guangzhou photos so I feel really accomplished! Gotta stop procrastinating! 

So anyway, started off day 2 with strawberries for breakfast since I'm a sucker for them, then headed for brunch at the famous Guangzhou Restaurant. The bill came up to around SGD100 for 4 of us. Definitely NOT cheap but hell the service was impeccable. The food was great too! Looks like you really gotta pay for service in this country. Plus it's a really fancy and beautiful garden-style restaurant. There's only a few of these in Guangzhou and Guangzhou restaurant is one of them. Wen Chang Chicken is the representative dish which we had and we loved it to bits.

Since the restaurant's conveniently located near major shopping districts, Dishifu Lu and Shangxiajiu Lu, we decided to shop around before heading back to the hotel to rest and prepare for dinner. As our hotel's located just along the Pearl River, we took a stroll along it and was pleased to see how beautiful the river was at night with the gorgeously lighted bridge. We actually walked about 15 mins to get to our dinner place, Datong Restaurant. One thing I can never get about Guangzhou is when restaurants' dim sum menu starts and ends because when we got there at night, they told us the time to serve proper Chinese mains was over so it's dim sum time. Although the food was pretty good and cheap, the service was horrible. It's fine to ignore us when we were wondering whether we needed to wait to be seated, but to take 15 mins to get us tea and another 10 mins before getting us the menu.. UGH.

And of course, we ended off the night with what my dad's eagerly waiting to do-- foot massage! Really shiok especially after all that walking!

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