Monday, May 6, 2013

The Handburger

Handburger is one of the places where I wouldn't go to for burger. Like I'd rather have Carl's Junior. Reason being for its price, Bergs is probably 2 times better in quality, taste and portion. 

This post is probably almost half a year late I think. I found them while flipping through photos searching for backlog. So what exactly I ordered, I can't remember. The exact taste, I can't remember either. But this isn't my first time having Handburger. And each time I'm not impressed. Just tastes like how it should for a restaurant standard burger, better than McDonalds for sure, but I still prefer Carl's over this. 

I think it's because I love my burgers sinfully thick for the patty. But well, to each his own. The only thing I like better about their burgers here, is the bun. It's sweet and delightfully light. 

Soup @ Handburger
They used the burger bun. -.- Seriously I expected a different bun? Especially when I'm going to have the same one for my burger. I wouldn't complain if they give me the same buns used in Soup Spoon. As for the soup, tastes like Soup Spoon standard, which it should at the very least, and it's good. 
Calamari Rings @ Handburger Handburger Handburger Handburger
Salads with bacon are always a HUGE plus. But not if you really planned to have it to balance out the sinful meal. 
Handburger Nic @ Handburger
Bro's first time having a gourmet burger. A really priceless expression here as he was digging in hungrily to his meal. <3

Okay so there's ZERO comments on the burgers individually because I really can't remember the names of the burgers nor the exact taste since these pictures are at least 6 months old. And like I said, the burgers aren't satisfying if you have a meat craving. Also, it's really pricey for a small but tall burger. Speaking of which, I hate tall burgers because I have no idea what is the proper way to eat them. It's obviously not meant to fit into the mouth in one bite. So I have to chop them into pieces. Then it becomes messy and I still won't be able to put bits of each layer in my mouth all at a go. Then I can't help but feel like I'm not enjoying the full taste of the burger because I can't pull the full combination of stuff in all at once. 

Honestly guys for the price, just head to Bergs. 

The HandBurger (Raffles City)
252 North Bridge Road
#B1-65/66 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel: 63344577

note that the one at Somerset 313 had closed

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