Sunday, May 5, 2013

Quick Update!

Hello guys!

I know I've kinda said that I'll post more often. However it's been like 5 days since the last one! I'm super sorry about this :( Today's actually the first time I'm touching my laptop since I flew off the BKK on Saturday! I've been so super tired every night I return home I just went straight to bed and concuss immediately.

I didn't have much sleep in BKK, and I actually had tuition at 10am and work in the library the day after I return home. This continued on until Friday. And my Thai friend who brought us around BKK happens to be in Singapore for internship for a week starting the day before I flew back home from BKK. So I have been bringing her around Singapore since Thursday till today. So I really hadn't had much rest and I'm super sorry for the lack of updates :(

I'll work on my other holiday pictures in Guangzhou and Korea ASAP once I've had a little more sleep.

In the meantime, you guys may have noticed that the labels at the top of my blog had increased! You can now browse through my blog according to what you're interested in -- food, fashion or travel :) It'll automatically filter out the relevant posts. Thank Jey for your help!!!

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