Thursday, May 30, 2013

Food for Thought

Having a vacation in Aussie right now and all I can think of is having brunch and hot chocolate everyday. Aussie is famous for their brunches but Singapore ain't that bad either.

In recent years, there has been an influx of cafes and brunch places, and one of my favourite brunch places in Singapore is Food for Thought. This is probably my third time there and it's priced reasonably too!

You can view my previous entries on this quaint cafe here and here


One of my favourite from the menu is their pancakes. I love how they're irregular shaped because it gives the impression that they really cooked their pancakes individually and not mass produced. Furthermore, they're really moist and thick. With brown sugar syrup instead of maple together with fresh cream, the pancakes are brought to a whole new level. Pancakes with a twist I would say! 


Ph had something simpler-- muesli with milk. I actually have no comments for this because I didn't even try it. Though according to ph it's good. Ha. Okay sorry for this super bad description but honestly I don't see how different muesli can taste differently.

Food For Thought (Queen Street Branch)
8 Queen Street 
Note: Closed for Month of May
Visit the branch at Singapore Botanic Gardens in the meantime.

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