Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Beyonce as Mrs Carter for H&M


And I have to say her post- pregnancy body is looking good! Many of you will know by now then she's heading one of the summer line for H&M. The bikinis she's wearing are in stores now!! BUT, I doubt I would get any of them because they all seem a little.... normal?? I've been seeing fringe bikinis for the past 3 months! And even the printed dress, I thought that was something last autumn/winter?? It's even on sale now in ASOS.

The only thing I may actually get is the pencil skirt in the middle of the last photo. And maybe the classic black heels. Every girl needs a pair. 

So the trend for summer is probably tie-dye clothing, fringe bikinis since they're EVERYWHERE right now and bright colours like yellow! No full neons though cos that is pretty much last summer.

For me, I think the only great thing about this collection is that.... it's Beyonce. Clothes wise, nothing great actually.  Feels like people are gonna start buying this because well Beyonce wore it so why shouldn't you?

Here's a video of Beyonce in H&M singing her new song, Standing on the Sun, which I reckon is actually pretty good to prep up for summer!

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