Monday, April 1, 2013

The Line Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel

Ever since I got together with ph, I have been celebrating both his parents' birthdays at The Line. My first time there, around 2 years ago, was nothing short of impressive. I love the international buffet range-- extremely wide, covering Japanese, Chinese, Western and Indian food. There's also the fresh oysters and large range of salads to drool over. Everything tasted equally good that I couldn't pick a favourite dish, because I loved them all.

Because I won't be going through each dish individually, here's a whole stream of yummy pictures to perk up your appetite!
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So you get the picture-- the range is fantastic as usual. 

These pictures were taken just two weeks ago when we celebrated ph dad's birthday. I find that the quality and types of desserts improved. I was never a fan of their dessert section but this time round, I preferred them over the other food. Reason being that I honestly feel that the standard of their food has dropped. Nothing really amazed me as much as it did last year. I could actually pick a favourite dish this time-- vegetarian paella. I don't think this perceived drop in standard is due to how often I dine there because I don't dine there often and the last time was exactly one year ago! So really, in general, everything just tasted average, which is bad news for such an expensive buffet place. 

The cold seafood section gave me a frustrating experience this time. I love oysters and would never fail to have them everytime I'm there. However, there was a long queue for them and this was largely due to the staff being unable to refill the oysters efficiently. The whole time I was queuing, there was only one person opening the oysters and he waited till he had opened about 10 oysters before putting them out to serve. And gosh, I don't wanna start pointing fingers at which country the patrons in the queue come from, but each of them would snatch up 5 oysters or more at once. Not to mention, one guy came from the opposite direction of the queue, pretending to pick up prawns, but hurriedly snatched the oysters once they were ready. And boy, he was snatching with me -.- I only managed to take 2 oysters out of the remaining 6, while he GRABBED the rest. Down to the last oyster when I was reaching out to take it, it magically disappeared from sight. What happened to being a gentleman? Oh wait, this is the 21st century, such a concept no longer exists. 

The Line
22 Orange Grove Road
Shangri-La Hotel
Tel: 62134275

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