Monday, April 22, 2013

The End Where I Begin

So here it is-- the last SMU exam I'll ever take. Hopefully the last because I have this 50-50 chance of actually FAILING my Economic Analysis of Law paper. Such an irony to end my last SMU paper with the hardest paper I've ever done. And to think that I've always been a science student, I shouldn't have so much difficulty with this topic. But alas, life doesn't work this way. The worst shit always hits whenever you least expect it to. So here I am, half happy that I've finished my university life, half sad and afraid that it wouldn't be the end of my university life, if I actually fail this module.

And no, Financial Accounting and Finance is actually easier than Economic Analysis of Law. True story. More than half of my answers are pure guesses. Let's just hope that they're intelligent guesses too.

So I've been boring all of you out with my really uninteresting life. Really sorry about this but I've been way too busy studying for my exams. I promise, life would get much more interesting from hereon (until I have to start taking Part B or repeat my Economic Analysis module, please let it be the former). Starting with this Sunday, I'LL BE FLYING TO BANGKOK TILL 1 MAY!!!!! :):):)

Hopefully I won't have another soapy story to tell about my life like this post, anytime soon. Let there be truckloads of pictures on food, fun, fashion. Amen!


Here's to more good times!!!

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