Friday, April 19, 2013

TGIF : A little update

Hooray for the weekends!!! Except that I have one last paper to go for on Monday so I can't exactly enjoy yet. Nonetheless, I got a little time off studying this evening!

Went to find ph for dinner at Quiznos, which in my opinion is a lot nicer than subway. Then headed over to Laneige sale at Raffles Place. I'm a huge Laneige fan and I've been using their products ever since I first tried them in Korea, last year.

I swore to only get more waterbank gel cream and some eye cream for myself, but alas, one of the sins of shopping: you'll always end up buying more than you need.

I ended up buying their white plus renew essence which cost me $30 (retail $78) but comes with the free white plus renew trial kit (the big boxy thing). I got some eye cream too! See those little tubes? They were 5 for $10. Pictured together with my new products are: my favourite waterbank gel cream and everyone's favourite sleeping pack. I got both of them in Korea which is of course much cheaper than in Singapore. The waterbank gel cream that I have here is the 100ml one, which is twice the one sold in Singapore. It's only $50 mind you, the same price Singapore sells for the 50ml one. Oh and I'm using their cleanser too :) A die hard Laneige fan, I am. 

So please Korea, do not go to war. I really want my skin care products. Any brave souls going Korea this summer by the way? I need one more tub of waterbank gel cream! 

Oh and I actually got psycho-ed by ph to watch a movie too. Oblivion. 

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