Tuesday, April 30, 2013

[sneak peek] Summer Diaries 2012: Korea

20120725-185849-DSC_1624 20120726-121602-DSC_1687 20120726-191400-DSC_1857 20120727-133012-DSC_2173 20120727-144450-DSC_2195 20120728-134356-DSC_2467 20120728-143919-DSC_2595 20120729-140906-DSC_2817 20120729-141903-DSC_2841 20120729-150110-DSC_2912 20120728-162110-DSC_2621

So these are probably just 1/1000 of the photos that I have and they take such a painfully long time to edit and upload. Which is why it's now summer 2013 and I have yet to post these photos 1 year on. 

But I promise I'll be more hardworking because Korea is such a MAGICAL PLACE I can't wait to share with everyone my amazing experience there! Definitely one of my favourite countries! 

I'll be back from Bangkok on Wednesday with truckloads of photos to share <3 Gosh I haven't even finish editing my Guangzhou Dec 2012 trip, my Korea Summer 2012 trip and now I have BKK 2013 photos :o 

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