Thursday, April 25, 2013


As you may already know, this isn't my first time having Poulet. But the freaking awesome mushroom soup (best I've EVER HAD) had me coming back for more.

I know, I know, Poulet is known for its roasted chicken. But they should consider adding the french name of 'mushroom soup' at the back of their name too. 
This time round, I went with Ph's clique of friends so we ordered the whole chicken for sharing between pairs.

Roasted Chicken
It's roasted to perfection, you don't actually need a knife to slice off the meat! Just use a fork and dig. The skin is delicious and thin and slightly crispy too. The last time I had the cranberry sauce one so I gave the original a try. HONESTLY, I think it would have been nicer with more gravy. I find it a little plain without any. As for the gravy itself, it's light and creamy and the same time. I do like the sauce but like I said, would have been nicer with lots of gravy personally because I don't like eating plain meat,

Duck Confit
Ph was suffering from duck confit withdrawal syndrome after our valentine's day meal so he decided to try the one at Poulet. According to him, DON'T BOTHER. He said that there's nothing special about it and it's only average tasting. I had a bite and when I compare it to the one I had at Au Petit Salut, it really pales in comparison. Taste like chinese braised duck for some reason. Save your money for the oxtail dish instead!

Got to try their desserts this time round because there were more people to share!

I'm not a coffee person so I rarely eat Tiramisu. According to my friend, the one here at Poulet lacks the taste of alcohol. The real deal is supposed to have rum inside it or something? And I felt the texture was too spongy for my liking. But like I said, I don't eat Tiramisu so I don't know if that's how it's supposed to be like. One thing's for sure though, the coffee taste is really strong. 

Bread & Butter Pudding
I found it a little dry, but it's pretty good overall--not too sweet or milky. Plus the combination with  ice-cream is fantastic. 

Poulet (Bugis+)
201 Victoria Street
Level 4 Bugis+
Tel: 66816727

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