Monday, April 15, 2013

My Current Favourite Fashion Blogger: Gary Pepper Girl

From down under, Nicole Wayne's blog is one hell of an amazing photobook. Her fashion/travel blog, GaryPepperGirl has such an amazing collection of high quality stunning pictures of beautiful scenery especially those of Australia. They're mostly taken by her really talented photographer boyfriend. Her fashion is effortlessly simple yet chic. Plus, it's always a plus to see Asians out there rocking the fashion world ;)

I assure you, this is one blog you'll be addicted to because of all the goddamn pictures and it's also the blog that inspired me to post photo diaries, i.e. posts on more photos and minimal words.
lady elliot island travel diary
postcards from tasmania

Are you not in love with GaryPepperGirl now? 


  1. Girl definitely has style! I love her look.

  2. Same here! Really inspired by her :)


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