Sunday, April 28, 2013

Graduation Party 2013 + BKK

Hello guys!!! :)

I've unofficially graduated from SMU! All that's left is commencement to make it official! :)

Graduation Party 2013 is just one of the many graduation parties I'll be attending. This one happened on Thursday night and organised by the SMU Alumni Club (I think!). I haven't gotten round to collating all the photos taken that night so here's 2 that were taken from the photobooth!

Attended the party that night with my law friends (below picture) and the lovely Stacy whom I knew from SMU Caderas Salsa Team (top picture). Although the party was a little lame, having great company makes up for everything! Really love all these people whom I've known for 4 years of my entire uni life <3

On a side note, I'll be going to BKK from later in the morning till Wednesday night! I'll try to catch up on posting and I've got tons to share with you guys, food and all!! In the meantime, you can check out other food or fashion posts by clicking on the tabs above! :) 

Have a great weekend and for those who have graduated...... PARTY ON!!!!  

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