Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fashion Bits & Pieces

From top left, clockwise: 

  • Finally got my pair of cat pumps! A little late I know since the trend is somewhat fading. But hey! It's black and that never goes out of fashion :)
  •  A dress down day for me on a Sunday as I hit Queenstown, the place where no one goes, to accompany ph on his journey to find a pair of running shoes. 
  • My first pair of iridiscent sunnies from Cotton On at only $10! Saw how many fashion bloggers were wearing it and I was dying to get my hands on one. 
  • My coolest and smallest clutch till date. Being THAT small means I'll rarely bring it out :( Took it out for chinese new year though. When I got it in Guangzhou (at only SGD$10!!!), the woman told me that it was a Miu Miu replica O.O

I'm currently SWAMPED with exams to study for! Law of Confidential Information on 16April, M&A 2 days later and Economic Analysis of Law 3 days after! Super tight schedule! On the bright side it'll be the last university exam I'll have to take!!! I'll try to squeeze in some new posts this week!

Have a great week! 

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