Friday, March 29, 2013

Winter Diaries 2012: Guangzhou City, Day 1

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Hotel: Landmark Canton Hotel 
Places Visited: Beijing Lu, Baohua Lu, Taikang Lu (shopping places)
Food: Dim Sum at Tao Tao Ju Restaurant (20 Dishifu Lu, Transit: Huangsha Station or Changshou Lu station) --> NOT recommended.
Wanton Mee at Bao Hua Mian Dian (117 Baohua Lu, Transit: Changshou Lu Station)
Fried chinese dumplings ("Guo Tie") at Taikang Lu on the way to Beijing Lu
Steamed rice rolls (stall next to Landmark Canon Hotel, think it's called Azhen Lachang 阿貞拉腸)
Desserts, McDonalds, Preserved Cuttlefish at Beijing Lu
Quail Eggs & Bread from roadside stalls

So.. I finally got around to uploading some of my travel pictures from last year. Had quite a lot of editing to do! I'll kick start my new Travel Diaries with Guangzhou City, a place I visited with my family last December. LAST YEAR. Gosh and I'll be embarking on a new round of traveling in one month's time! And I haven't even finished uploading all my Korea pictures last summer! A new summer year is coming in just one month's time. How I wish time would stop flying so so fast. 

So back to Guangzhou, yes this is just Day 1. It's pretty obvious from the pictures what there is to do in Guangzhou-- eat. And of course shop. Both activities which Guangzhou is known for. Tao Tao Ju Restaurant had been utterly disappointing. What used to be the best dim sum restaurant in Guangzhou City has now become mediocre, coupled with rude service, it was a really unpleasant first impression of the country. Then again, that impression didn't change even after I left for home. The wanton mee place was recommended by the locals, but we didn't really like it because the soup had a strong 'fishy' smell. The Guo Tie was amazing as well as the steamed rice rolls. 

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