Sunday, March 17, 2013

well if you don't feel good, what are you doing it for?

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Well I can say is that this past week had been nothing short of depressing. The week started off with me suddenly fretting over how my blog was going and how I'm confused about the direction it was heading. I think it caused much distress to poor ph too, as he had to sit with me for over an hour to calm me down and talk through my worries. I've been blogging for many years now and largely because I'm happy blogging about things. And sometimes when people drop me nice comments, it makes me real happy too and thankful that people actually do read this little humble space. I think this whole materialistic world tends to distract people from the simplest of things at times, where even I lose sight of the reason and purpose of why I do certain things. 

To quote the awesome Robbie Williams, " Well if you don't feel good, what are you doing it for?" 
So I'll continue blogging because it makes me happy and to share what I hope is useful information and pretty pictures with anyone who bothers to drop by this space. To be obsessed with the material benefits of it is to bring unnecessary stress to what is otherwise a happy hobby. 

The week was saddened when two of my dear friends lost someone, which really affected me because of how close these two friends are to me. Life really is a cruel thing, it can disappear at any moment, even when you least expect it. But I think if one was to live a life to the fullest, there would be no regrets. If I were to die now, I would probably be an angry soul because I have yet to accomplish anything. And I'm already 23. It's really frightening how fast time flies by once you've reached the age of 20. Sometimes you just want to slam the pause button but end up fretting even more because there isn't one in life.  

To quote Maya Angelou (thanks bff for this), "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."
An inspiring quote which reminds me constantly about how I'm missing out on life because I'm wrapped up in this crazy paper chase society. My dream for now is to gain as much capital as I can in my initial years and hopefully disappear from the corporate world thereafter. A seemingly unrealistic dream but hey, at least it brings some light into my guaranteed-boring-life-of-a-lawyer.  

Next, EAL research paper question had to depress me further by showing that I really learnt nothing at all in the past 10 weeks of lessons. Now how am I going to get that research paper done? 

Well I do hope that next week will be better because there are a few things to look forward to:  bff's birthday next Tuesday, restaurant week lunch on Thursday and a monthsary meal with ph followed by my little cousin's birthday celebration on Saturday. And lastly, I'm really hoping that I can FINALLY launch my travel series! It covers the places I've been to in 2012 and I'm sorry for posting it one year late because I swear there's way too many photos to edit (close to 1000 mind you!). 

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