Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013: Au Petit Salut


Brunch (Set Lunch Menu) at Au Petit Salut, Harding Road


Starter: Crispy warm bread with butter at the side


Appetizer (mine): Burgundy snails drowned in garlic butter. Simply delicious and the perfect combination. Served in bone marrow o.o 


Appetizer 2 (ph's) : Home cured smoked trout, beetroot purée and pistachio milk. 
The sweetness of beetroot puree balances out with the well cured trout. 


Mains 1 (mine): Steak with Brussels sprouts and mashed potato.
Love Brussels sprouts and I think the star of the dish is that crazily soft and foamy mash potato. How does one even make mash potato this freaking soft/foamy? Sweet, and buttery at the same time. Perfect. 


Mains 2 (ph's): Confit duck leg with pomegranate and mash potato. 
The hallmark of a good duck confit is its crispy skin and tender meat underneath. The meat comes off the bone really easily and that's just how perfectly cooked it is. Pomegranate helps to balance the saltiness of the duck. 


Dessert 1 (mine): Cheese platter
Well, only try this if you're a fan of cheese. And I highly recommend that you share because it gets a little 'jelat' along the way.


Dessert 2 (ph's): Crème caramel
True to it's name, it's extremely thick, creamy, with strong flavor of sweet-slightly bitterish caramel. We were fighting over this delightful desert and lapping up the layer of caramel underneath the creamy pudding.

Au Petit Salut
40C Harding Road
Tel: 64751976

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