Thursday, March 14, 2013

thoughts: what is a crime?

Here's the scenario:
"A man who is a serial rapist was found murdered. The police investigated and found out that the murderer is a woman who is a victim of the rapist. According to reports, the rapist would secretly follow lone woman in the middle of the night, attack her from the back, tie her up and then rape her in the back of his company's van.

The woman had been suffering ever since she got raped. She lived her life in constant fear because the police till date had failed to capture the rapist, despite constant assurance."

By law, the woman would be convicted of murder. Reasons for murder are irrelevant and would only go towards mitigation.

When I watched this extremely insightful episode of CSI, I couldn't stop thinking how unfair this was to the woman.

Sure, two wrongs do not make a right, and killing the rapist does not actually make anything better. But that's all from an objective point of view. Subjectively, the woman would be relieved of her fear and start living her life all over again. One may argue that death is worse than trauma. But research has also shown that post rape trauma lasts for a lifetime and to her, this may be her only justice. I believe no one can truly say that murder is more of a crime than rape, unless you're a rape victim yourself.

The law forces everyone to live in peace which is of course a good thing. But it has to accept that not everyone is perfect, especially when they've been scarred. It seems almost unrealistic to expect them to behave like good Samaritans.

So, do you think that what the woman has done should be considered a crime?

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