Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Picture Booth: A rainy day at Haji Lane

20130309-154959-DSC_1424 20130309-155714-DSC_1435 20130309-161023-DSC_1439 20130309-161152-DSC_1442 20130309-162203-DSC_1452 20130309-154245-DSC_1414 20130309-183547-DSC_1556

Pictures by PH. 

Hello everyone! I'm not in any of the pictures above but I thought they were nicely taken! I hadn't been to Haji Lane in quite a long time and I love it everytime I go there. With long rows of quirky shophouses, street murals, middle eastern carpets and shisha , it really doesn't feel like I'm in Singapore. It's also a really colourful place so it'a great for pictures! 

I've been busy somehow although it's not really school-work related. There's been so much stuff going on around me I can hardly find any time to breathe. And the thought of sitting on some exotic carpets smoking shisha sounds really tempting now :)

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