Friday, March 8, 2013

CNY Day 2


Red Lace Dress from Heels from Charles & Keith (sales $19)

It's becoming official, labellavita is now my favourite blogshop! They have pretty and good quality dresses and EXCELLENT service. I have 3 dresses from them so far and another top on the way. Oh and those heels!!! They were actually produced for last year's CNY and I was eyeing it back then! Back the price was pretty hefty standing close to $100. Forward one year and here I am wearing it and it only cost me $19 from the warehouse sale :D Plus, it's my tallest heels ever standing at 5.5 inches tall. 

So Day 2 was pretty much the same every year: pray at a temple, head to ph's house to bai nian, then to hb's house and then to my maternal grandma's place. Believing in my supposed good fortune I gamble Blackjack again AND WON HAHAHHA. About $10? But hey! The best were all 20cents-40cents only okay? To even win $10 it's a huge feat! 

Some additional pictures from Instagram!
Here's the secondary school Clique in it's full glory! Thanks Huan Bin for hosting us every year!
A photo with my two youngest cousins who are brothers themselves. They're so adorable and I love it when they call my name whenever I come! <3
And here-- photo with ALL my maternal side's cousins. We're a HUGE family since each of my aunt gave birth to two kids and my uncle has two kids too! And yes, I'm the oldest :(

Anyway this post is a scheduled one. Right now at this time, I'm probably nearly dead trying to rush my research paper due at 4p.m. A paper which I only had 2 days to read up and write on because the last semester of my life just had to provide me with the worst hell week I've ever had. 

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