Tuesday, March 5, 2013

CNY Day 1


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Blue Toga Dress from shoplabellavita.com/ necklace from Forever 21/ Leopard Punky Clutch from Guangzhou 

So every year for Day 1 of Chinese New Year, I would don on a pretty fitting dress. Which I finally found it a dumb thing to do. Ever since my grandfather passed away, my family and relatives had always had Chinese New Year buffet lunch at one of the hotels in Singapore. So wearing a tight dress and having to conceal a bulging tummy after buffet is really painful.

So I learnt my lesson this year and put on a plain toga which was pretty shapeless yet it doesn't make one look floppy either. It's nicely balanced out by drawing attention to one's shoulders. Added a touch of neon pink and glimmers of gold with the necklace and bracelets! 

It has also been said that the year of the snake is a good year for the horse, especially in terms of 财运 (good fortune). But on the first day, I've already lost $27 while playing Blackjack -.- But the best thing about playing with your parents is that they'll return you a portion of the money thereafter :)

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