Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Alexander Village Food Centre: Carrot Cake & Guo Tie

So one random trip to Queensway in search of ph's running shoes resulted in a fruitful find of some delish food.

Alexander Village Food Centre, I heard, is home to one of the best laksa in Singapore. However, it doesn't open on Sundays, and I was there on a Sunday afternoon :( No matter though because I got to try one of the most delicious guo tie ( chinese fried dumplings) in Singapore.


I deeply regretted not taking down the stall number for the guo tie. But it's located next to the carrot cake stall, somewhere along the middle aisle, at the intersection between the front and back of the middle aisle. So it's pretty easy to find. There are a few of that big 'dim sum' steamer in the stall and it's mended by China people, one woman and one man that time I was there. I hope this helps in finding the exact stall. 


It's a little pricey for coffee shop standards-- 10 for $5. However, it's really delicious. I'm pretty sure it's handmade and freshly made for that matter. It's really juicy and the broth spurts out when you sink your teeth into the crispy smooth skin covering the thick chunk of meat. I hate guo tie with super strong slightly pungent pork smell because it feels like the pork had been left there for quite a while.  However the ones here and the only smell present is fragrant. 


We decided to give the carrot cake stall (next to the guo tie stall) a try too, since it seemed like every table had a plate of white carrot cake. Honestly, it tasted really mediocre and I would encourage you to give it a miss if there are tons of other food you want to try. I've had better. In fact all the carrot cake I've tasted so far were mostly better. For the best white carrot cake in Singapore, head down to Bukit Timah Food Centre. It's cheap at I think $2 or $2.50, loaded with eggs and simply heavenly. My friends all agreed that the white carrot cake there is simply the best. 

And once again, if you head down on any day except Sunday, GO TRY THE LAKSA STALL. I didn't get to try it so let me know how it's like if you've had it :) 

Alexander Village Food Centre 
120 Bukit Merah Lane 1 

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