Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Photologue: Haw Par Villa

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A piece of history left behind by the Haw brothers. May this place continue to live on so everyone can learn about the ancient Chinese legends. And of course, the most famous part of the park is the 10 (?) stories of hell. 10 whole levels of torture-- the way the Chinese sees hell. Oh, and admission is free, by the way and it's conveniently located next to Haw Par Villa Station (ha.ha.) on the Circle Line. 

And it's Chinese New Year so I thought I would post something related (somehow?). 
Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!


  1. 18 levels of hell btw! i think they toned it down from what it used to be... are the corpses and beheaded victims still around??

    1. Oh it's 18? I think the entrance wrote 10 :o Anyway yea the corpses and stuff are still around! I think I would be traumatized if I saw those when I was a kid.


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