Sunday, February 24, 2013

Nakhon Kitchen

I've been spotting snaking long queues outside Nakhon whenever I drop by Kovan but I have never gotten to try it until recently because the queue is always so insane! One fine night, I became insane as well and joined the queue. 

Of course I firmly believe that good food deserves my time and patience to queue but most of the time I'm just too hungry to actually do it. Maybe I should start looking for food 30mins before I get hungry. Which means I need to be a psychic. 
Pineapple Fried Rice
Basil Chicken 
Green Curry Chicken
Tom Yum Soup
Thai Red Ruby Dessert

 Everything was good, like 8/10 except the Basil Chicken which I found a bit too salty. I especially love the dessert which I HIGHLY recommend. Hell I've even seen people who dine there just for it! And tom yum soup not because it's super special but because it's always a must for a complete Thai food experience!

We had this amount of food for 3 people though in addition to 3 bowls of white rice. Which means that the portions are actually kind of small for the amount you're paying. It's an average of $6 per dish which I think is pretty pricey. Either that or I've always been able to get cheap and good thai food at Sunshine Plaza. 

Anyway speaking of Thai food, I have no idea why there's all that hype about the thai food at Shaw Tower. I've tried it, (spent 30mins queuing) and found it to be somewhat similar to the ones I've had at Sunshine Plaza and here at Nakhon. I'm starting to think that Singaporeans are somewhat authentic-thai-food-deprived because all we had was Thai Express, which by the way, serves decent but overpriced food. 

Back to Nakhon, I recommend going early to avoid a long queue and I assure you the food's really worth the queue. The only downside being the food portions, it's recommended that everyone orders a bowl of white rice! 

Nakhon Kitchen
Address: 212 Hougang Street 21, Singapore 530212
Phone:6286 8785
Transit: Kovan MRT Station

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  1. I have tried both Nakhon and JJ Thai Cuisine at Sembawang and they are comparable. If you ask me, I would prefer the latter simply because of its huge serving portion and better atmosphere. Food quality wise, JJ is better suited to my taste buds. Yes, I am a Thai food lover and am very particular :P


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